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Canada United

Canada United™ is a movement that brings fellow Canadians together to show their support for local businesses. Essential to our economy and communities, these businesses need our help now more than ever. So, join the movement and show local some love.

1. Watch their videos online
2. Like their posts on social media
3. Use #CanadaUnited on Twitter

Every time you do, RBC will contribute 5¢ to the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund.

Click here for details.


Show up for Canada United Weekend August 28-30

Give local businesses your business today, or join us August 28, 29 and 30 for a national Canada United Weekend. We want the country to come out and get inside local shops to help them recover and kickstart our economy.


Small and Local Businesses, We're Here for You

Are you a business that wants to participate in the August 28-30 Canada United Weekend? Or, do you want to learn how to apply for a relief grant through the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund? If so, you’re in the right spot.
Learn more here.