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Why Become a Member?

Reason 1: The Proof Is All Around Us

For the past 160+ years, the Ottawa Board of Trade (OBoT) has been the Voice for business—one of the most active and vocal groups leading the commercial evolution and transformation of our region. A resilient pioneer, our origins pre-date Queen Victoria’s proclamation that Bytown (as Ottawa was then called) had been chosen the Capital City of the “Province of Canada.”

OBoT has been a driving force to launch or facilitate historic and defining “firsts” in Ottawa, such as:

  • tap water
  • a proper garbage collection system
  • new highways, railways, local roads
  • the Sparks Street Mall
  • the Canadian Tulip Festival
  • the Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill
  • the Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology (now Algonquin College)
  • what is now known as the Eastern Ontario Development Association (EODA)
  • … to name a few

Reason 2: We Are the Voice for Business in Ottawa

Today, we are surrounded by modern conveniences and comforts borne by the sacrifices of business leaders. As we strengthen foundations and reach for new heights, OBoT:

  • unites business leaders, raises their profiles and amplifies their brands
  • drives initiatives that remove barriers, save costs and grow the influence of local businesses
  • meets with every level of government regularly (and frequently during crises)
  • obtains funding and provides resources for businesses as they launch, pivot or grow
  • guides decisions about taxation and pension reform
  • monitors and issues statements and news releases about budgets at every government level
  • participates in diplomatic relations and attracts investors
  • administers group insurance plans
  • leads Ottawa’s Capital Build Task Force, CEO Council, and a Diversity & Inclusion Council
  • leads multiple committees (economic growth, transportation & infrastructure, environment & sustainability, immigration, etc.)
  • develops webinars, courses, learning, and training opportunities for businesses
  • organizes and/or promoted social and charitable causes
  • conducts surveys and market research about businesses and business growth in Ottawa
  • publishes magazines and information to celebrate and support business leaders
  • hosts networking events and awards business achievements
  • champions our our global iconic city as the best place to live, work, invest, and play
  • … and so much more

Reason 3: We Are a Community of Businesses

For as low as $300/year, a membership with the OBoT isn’t just about attending functions, accessing information and services, and networking for our own professional advancement. A membership is a means to deepen our connection with our sense of citizenship and community.

Being an active member further demonstrates a respect for everything it took to build what we have—and it confirms our distinct awareness that we need to keep pursuing economic, civic, social and cultural transformation in an everchanging world.

As history has shown, our identity is shaped not only by what we inherit, but also by what we pioneer.

We hear you. Join us.

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