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To Build a Better Ottawa, Candidates Need to Make Priorities Clear

The Ottawa Board of Trade’s #BuildUpOttawa campaign aims to show where our provincial candidates stand on key priorities


Ottawa, ON – May 26, 2022 – With the recent launch of the #BuildUpOttawa initiative intended to advance growth in Ottawa, the Ottawa Board of Trade is urging provincial candidates to share their priorities for the future.


Earlier this month, the Ottawa Board of Trade launched the #BuildUpOttawa initiative, calling on provincial election candidates to commit to a pro-growth agenda for the Nation’s Capital. This initiative includes several key priorities aimed at making urgent, needed investments in infrastructure, reducing the cost of business, streamlining development of housing, and building a more sustainable, affordable, and inclusive future.


As part of this initiative, the Ottawa Board of Trade sent surveys to candidates to get their responses on these priorities. Those responses can be found on the Build Up Ottawa website. The Ottawa Board of Trade encourages candidates from all parties to continue to communicate their priorities for the development of Ottawa.


“As the June 2nd Ontario Provincial Election approaches, we all have an opportunity to lay the foundation for collaborative growth,” said Sueling Ching, President and CEO of the Ottawa Board of Trade. “To fully leverage the opportunities for our city, we are inviting all provincial candidates to engage with the business community. The last two years have clearly demonstrated the value in working together, prioritizing progress over perfection. This is the approach that will ensure Ottawa and Ontario realizes its full potential.”


During the COVID-19 pandemic, elected officials at all levels of government came together to prioritize the people and businesses that make up the Ottawa community. Through many challenges, leaders worked to protect businesses and create a safe environment for all. As the pandemic diminishes, and restrictions lift, we must not discard that level of collaboration. Rather, it should serve as a model for growth and learning that can propel Ottawa into a better, brighter future.


About the Ottawa Board of Trade:


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