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Ottawa Economic Partners Launch #BuyLocalOttawa Campaign in Critical Shopping and Social Season so More Businesses Simply Survive

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is




For Immediate Release: November 8th, 2021. The Ottawa Board of Trade (OBoT)—together with key local partners including the City of Ottawa, Ottawa Tourism, Invest Ottawa, the Ottawa Coalition of BIAs and RGA (Regroupement des gen d’affaires de la Capitale)—is reminding shoppers that their dollars can save their neighbours who own local businesses and have been fighting for 20+ months simply to survive. Many have not.


They are launching the #BuyLocalOttawa campaign to remind everyone that businesses drive our local economy and they, in turn, support all of us. So why not give the gift of support to them?


OBoT President and CEO Sueling Ching says, “Our campaign, #BuyLocalOttawa, is more than a nice holiday sentiment, honestly. It’s about an investment in our community. Every single time you see a boarded-up business because of COVID, that’s one less entrepreneur paying taxes or sponsoring a local little league team. It impacts all of us. And, when you spend your money outside of Ottawa, or ordering from an international supplier, you take away from an Ottawa business.”


Ottawa is a glorious G7 Capital, showcasing Canada in one city. We shine on a global stage, featuring entertainment and festivals, crowded patios, hotels at capacity, and eclectic restaurants. We have been withered by a virus that brought our pre-pandemic 11 million annual visitors to a trickle and with them, their investment in our community.


So, let’s invest in our own hometown.


Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson says, ‘’It’s more important than ever to support Ottawa’s small businesses this coming Holiday Season. As our stores and restaurants are trying to get a leg up following the pandemic, I encourage all residents to put their money where their heart is and to buy local.’’


Working together, this group will be putting the focus on local business and all of the ways Ottawa residents can spend their money locally in creative ways. Each week, they will share on social media interesting and unique ideas to add to shopping lists, or you can go to


For example, Paul Meek, a well-known Ottawa entrepreneur, OBoT member and owner of Kichesippi Beer will deliver beer right to your door! He says, “As an OBoT member, I know it works for all businesses because we’re in this together. COVID has been challenging, particularly for those of us in the service industry with storefronts. #BuyLocalOttawa is a great reminder to invest in our community.”


This is also an opportunity to learn what local business owners have been doing for our community since COVID hit us. Some have been feeding the homeless like Joe Thottungal, the renowned Chef from Thali, while others like Karla Briones from Freshi Westboro delivered lunch to health care workers during the peak of the pandemic and has been fighting to keep her own business open.


We humbly submit that now is the time to thank them by trying to save them. This may be the last chance they have because we all know January and February are traditionally slow periods in the service industry.


If we don’t do this now, we will absolutely lose more local businesses. In January, owners will look at their “high season” numbers (coinciding with December retail and holiday parties that may not happen again this year) and realize they just didn’t make it.


That is 100% certain. We are not through COVID, and it is certainly not done with us. This is a way to celebrate by buying local. It’s your community. Invest in it.


Please share your best local shopping ideas on social using #BuyLocalOttawa. Together, we can make a difference for the future Ottawa.


For more information on how to support the Buy Local campaign or be a member of the Ottawa Board of Trade, please visit or


For more information:

Kimothy Walker, 613. 859. 3753