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The reopening of our economy is a complicated undertaking and one that we are all anxious to see happen in the most safe and sustainable way. In Ottawa, we have done a great job of flattening the curve and reducing the risk of transmission. And now we must remain COVID WISE.

  • Do the basics; wash hands frequently and avoid touching your face.
  • Maintain physical distancing and adhere to store policies and directions
  • Wear a mask in public to reduce the risk of transmission and inspire confidence in others
  • Be kind and patient with business staff and other customers - this is not business as usual and we are in it together
  • Buy local - many of our friends and neighbours have been struggling as business owners, support them

It has been a long thirteen weeks but we will enter Stage 2 of the Ontario Reopening Framework on June 12, 2020. The Ottawa Board of Trade is working to support our businesses and community with a safe reopening by continuing to advocate at all levels of government and partner with key stakeholders, business and community leaders on tactical programs to get business ready to rebound and thrive.

Key Resources

Reopening Programs and Support

Business Reopening Workshops

The Ottawa Board of Trade has partnered with Ottawa Public Health,  the Ottawa Coalition of Business Improvement Areas and the City of Ottawa to bring you the Business Reopening Workshops.
This series of interactive workshops is divided by business sector.  Each workshop provides sector specific considerations for a safer reopening, addressing topics such as health and safety guidelines, planning for physical distancing, use of cloth masks and industry specific issues. Workshop recordings can be found here with in 48 hours of recording.

Business Peer Groups

Every business in Ottawa has been impacted by COVID-19 - some more than others. We are all trying to figure out what the new world will look like and how to seize new opportunities.
No one company or organization has all the answers, but we believe that, collectively, we can find the answers together. The challenge is accessing that collective knowledge and creativity.
Peer mentoring groups have been around for well over a century and have proven themselves to be a highly effective way to solve problems and create new opportunities. Most forward-thinking leaders have been involved with these sorts of groups in some form or another.
The Ottawa Board of Trade is launching a city-wide peer mentoring movement. Any business in Ottawa that would like to be part of a Business Peer Group is invited to apply before July 9, 2020 and be included in a group that matches your needs and business objectives. Stronger together.


Recovery Activation Program (RAP)

RAP program

The Recovery Activation Program (RAP) is an immersive online workshop program that connects businesses with industry experts for guidance, mentorship and practical advice about process modernization and end-to-end digital transformation.

This program is completely free for businesses and supports firms of any size across Ontario.


People Outside Safely Together (POST)


The POST Promise signifies a commitment to implement and practice the five key steps to workplace safety, helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It’s supported by many of the largest associations in Canada, which represent thousands of businesses. The objective is to have businesses across the country take part in a collective solution to help Canadians confidently and safely take the first steps back into public spaces and the workplace.

Visit for details and see how Canadian businesses like us are ‘making the promise’.

Facing Forward - United Way Masks on - for you, for all

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Canada’s chief public health officer recommends Canadians wear non-medical face masks when in a community setting, especially when maintaining a two-metre distance isn’t possible. You can buy cloth masks for your workplace, your family, or other groups. Proceeds from your purchase will provide masks to those most in need. Masks are available for sale in Ontario only and in bulk, 25 per pack.

Click here for more information and to buy your masks!

Business Insights

The Ottawa Board of Trade has kicked off a new business insights series. This virtual event series is designed to create a conversation about the evolving impact of COVID, emerging business trends and opportunities.


June 24 - An Economic Outlook with James Marple
July 8 - Public Opinion and COVID-19: A Briefing with Abacus Data's David Coletto

Coming Soon

Board of Trade Membership Support