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Mental Health Resources

You are not alone.

If there is one lesson we have learned since the start of the pandemic and which becomes more clear every day, it is that our community, our economy and every individual is connected. Further that our collective health and prosperity is dependent on the actions and choices of each other.

Your Board of Trade had been working with business and community leaders as well as our officials in education and health to ensure the interests of the business community are prioritized. Every decision must consider not only immediate benefits but also long term and unintentional impacts.

The pandemic revealed many faults in our systems and exacerbated many issues including the mental well-being of our business owners, especially those in the hardest hit sectors. While we will continue to advocate for business support and key health services we wish to ensure our local businesses are aware of current resources as they become available and we enhance the toolkit. This is a living list so please check back often.

And if you have great resources to share, just send us a quick note at Thank you! And take good care.


Mental Health Resources

Resources from OPH for workplaces, diverse communities, including useful tips, videos and contact information.