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Back to Business: 3 Calls to Action for Ottawa Business Leaders

Dear OBOT Members,Happy fall! I hope you, your family and your employees are very well and enjoyed your summer. This is my favourite time of year - crisp weather, cozy sweaters and an exciting sense of renewal. I guess the "back to school" spirit never leaves us!I am reaching out today to share the work of your board of trade through the summer in preparation for what is ahead of us. On your behalf, we have been convening with business and community leaders on key priorities including but not limited to downtown revitalization, our international airport, affordable housing, climate action, transit, the return to office and barriers to business.In addition, we have curated several opportunities for our members and volunteers to weigh in and stay informed on key  issues for the purpose of increasing your opportunity to engage in building our city as you build your business. Together, we will create a thriving work class business community, one that will drive prosperity for all.To that end, I am sharing 3 calls to action today. All simple, all important.

1. Future of Work - Talent remains the top issue for our businesses. Our goal is to arm local businesses, economic partners and service providers with emerging information and tools that will allow them to attract the talent they need to grow and create business models and workplaces that will develop and retain the best. ACTION: Attend Ottawa Talent Summit.2. Build Up Ottawa - The results of the upcoming municipal election will determine business and community success at the most critical time as we contemplate a post pandemic recovery. We cannot afford apathy. Candidates must know that we are ready to work with them for the future of our city and the next generation. ACTION: Attend the All Candidates Meet & Greet.3. Be a Member - Thank you for your ongoing support. As an independent, nonpartisan organization, we are the voice of business and key advocate for economic growth at every level of government for our city, we need you. It is critically important that all Ottawa businesses lock arms with you and us to set the course for our future. ACTION: Invite one business to join.Finally, we have an exciting opportunity before us to reimagine our businesses, our community and our future as the nation's capital. We simply have to leverage the lessons we have learned these last two years and commit to radical collaboration as we build up Ottawa to its full potential, as a model of leadership and progress for the world.Once again, thank you for your support. It is my honour to serve you. I hope to see you soon.Yours in prosperity,


Sueling Ching, President & CEO, Ottawa Board of Trade