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Available Workshops


Building a Resilient and Committed Workforce

On April 21, 2022 a two part workshop focused on building a resilient and committed workforce was offerred.  Watch the recording and download the workshop resources to watch at your convenience!

Hosted by Andrea Greenhous

Part 1: 30 minutes
● Understand human motivation and what matters to employees
● Learn how communication impacts the employee experience and can build connection,confidence and create an exceptional customer experience
● Discover a simple formula for communication
● Put theory into practice

Part 2: 30 minutes
● Learn about psychological safety - why it matters and how to build it
● Understand burnout, boundaries, and mental health
● Realize the role of gratitude and celebration in creating a great place to work
● Put theory into practice

Workbook and materials are included in this workshop.

Rising Above

Join us April 29, 2022 at 10:00AM for a two part employee focused workshop on dealing with difficult customers in the workplace and rising above in response.

Hosted by Andrea Greenhous

Part 1: 30 minutes
● How to manage difficult conversations
● Strategies to manage upset customers

Part 2: 30 minutes
● Understand how to build personal resilience and strength
● Learning to rise

Workbook and materials will be included in this workshop.


Hosted by Andrea Greenhous, President of Vision2Voice.

Andrea received the ADKAR Change Management certificate from PROSCI in 2015. She is also a recipient of the Gender-Based Analysis Plus certification from the Government of Canada, enabling her understanding of how various identity factors (including gender)can influence the experience of individuals. When she is not working, Andrea (a former competitive triathlete) can be found cycling,cross-country skiing, or running.