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Ottawa Board of Trade Survey Reveals Local Priorities for the Federal Election 2021

For Immediate Release: September 13th, 2021: In collaboration with Leger and the Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC), a coalition of CEOs from nine of Canada's largest urban Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade, the Ottawa Board of Trade conducted a federal election survey to create a clear picture of public and business community views on key election issues. This report provides the key findings from a survey of 400 residents in Ottawa and 1,349 members of Ottawa’s business community, conducted between August 19 and August 30, 2021.

Key local findings show the 2021 federal election will be impacted by a multitude of issues, mainly revolving around economic and ecological matters.

Over a third of the general population cares mostly about affordability (40%), the environment and climate change (39%), and the economic recovery from COVID-19 (34%). Affordability is significantly more of an issue for younger respondents (18-34: 49%), in comparison with those who are over 55 years old.

While the general population is mainly concerned with their finances and the climate situation, businesses value mainly aspects that will impact their ability to pursue their activities in optimal conditions: the economic recovery from COVID-19 (24%), the COVID-19 public health response (21%) and the business environment (17%) are at the forefront of the most influential issues.

“These results are aligned with the platforms of our colleagues at the Canadian and Ontario Chambers of Commerce as well as the priorities we have identified as most important to the National Capital Region. As a non-partisan, independent business association, we look forward to continuing to work closely with the federal government to finish this fight with COVID-19 and promote policies and programs that position the private sector to drive our economic growth and address key issues such as affordability, access to talent and customers and maintaining a competitive business environment.” says Sueling Ching, President & CEO of the Ottawa Board of Trade.

The Ottawa Board of Trade has been focused these last several weeks on informing local candidates about the priorities of the Ottawa business community as well as supporting and encouraging members of the community to be informed and engaged in the election as a way of contributing to the future of Ottawa. We have been collaborating with Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade across the country on key priorities and working with local economic partners to ensure that the Ottawa region’s challenges and opportunities are addressed. Please see interviews conducted with local representatives from each party to learn more about how each intends to address the issues that matter most to the Ottawa business community.

For more information or to book Sueling Ching for an interview:

Kimothy Walker