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My name is Margo Crawford and I am the founder and CEO of the Business Sherpa Group.  Our group of consultants and employees have been supporting SMEs in establishing their HR and finance function as well as working with leaders and owners on strategic activities for the past 13 years.  In that time we have worked with over 400 SMEs across Canada and Internationally.  We have experienced tremendous growth as small and mid-sized business adopt this alternate workforce model to optimize their performance.

Joining the Ottawa Board of Trade has been one of the best decisions we have made to support our growth and our own business.  They do so much for the general business community in Ottawa, but as a member their direct help to elevate our brand, involve us in the business community and just help create opportunities we otherwise may have misses has been outstanding.  Additionally it has given us the opportunity to give back and support other businesses at different stages in the Ottawa community – something that highly aligns with our values.  I would highly recommend any type of business, large, medium or small to become a member and be part of this incredible business network and experience the energy and outcomes our thriving Ottawa community offers.