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 FREE Covid-19 Rapid Test Kits!


Screening people in the workplace with rapid antigen screening can help to stop the spread of COVID-19 by identifying asymptomatic individuals and protecting others from exposure. These rapid screening tests do not replace the Polymerase Chair Reaction (PCR) tests administered by you local health unit. Rapid testing should be used as a screening tool only for asymptomatic individuals and should not be used for diagnosis of Covid-19 for symptomatic individuals nor those with possible exposure to a confirmed positive case.

These rapid testing kits are an important screening tool that businesses can use to help re-open, and stay open, safely!

By screening your employees regularly, you can:

  • Identify cases of COVID-19 early to reduce the likelihood of them spreading in the workplace.
  • Allow employees to follow up with close contacts of cases so that they can self-isolate, monitor for symptoms and get tested.
  • Provide your business and workers with peace of mind.
  • Do your part to keep your workplace safe.

In addition, conducting these self-screening kits will provide much needed data about prevalence of COVID-19 within job sites and communities across Canada.


Before you register and order your kits, you are required to complete a participation Agreement. Follow this link to access the document: Provincial Antigen Screening Program (PASP) Agreement for Participating Companies.

You are required to complete the form and either submit it via e-mail to OR bring the physical copy with you on your designated pick up day/time. Rapid screening kits will not be released without a signed agreement.

Informational Video

You are also required to watch a short video and complete an attestation. The video can be found at the followinglink: 5-minute instructional video. It is recommended that this video is shared with all individuals who are managing the rapid testing at your business. Follow this link to access the attestation to confirm you viewed the video.

Instruction Sheet

We recommend you download this instruction sheet about the Covid-19 antigen rapid test device. Keep this sheet handy in your business' designated testing area!


Click the link above to book a day and time to pick up your rapid test kits. Before booking, watch the video, complete the attestation and send in your signed Provincial Antigen Screening Program (PASP) Participation Agreement!

Businesses in the greater Ottawa area with under 150 employees are eligible to receive FREE Covid-19 rapid screening kits. Businesses will receive a minimum number of kits for each employee to get tested four times within a 2-week period (twice per week).

If you are ordering refills, you must have reported your results as per the Provincial Antigen Screening Program Agreement. More information about reporting can be found below.

We recognize that for some businesses it could be a hardship to leave your workplace to pick up your screening kits or designate a staff person to collect them.

Thanks to our partner, Trexity, free delivery is available to qualifying businesses. If your business is located within a 20 kilometre radius from Bayview Yards, and you have less than 20 employees, click here to register here to have your kits delivered by Trexity!



You are required to report number of tests used, as well as number of presumptive positive, negative, and inconclusive tests every 7-days.

What to do with your results?

If an employee has a presumptive positive test result, it is imperative that they leave the workplace immediately. Employees with presumptive positive rapid test results are required to arrange a lab-based PCR test.

Ottawa Public Health's website (linked here) has detailed information about Covid-19 workplace rapid testing. Information about when and where to get tested in also available on their website available at this link.


Once you have registered your business and booked a pick up date and time, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your selected pick up slot.

Please do not arrive at the pick up location outside of the date or time you booked. If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can do so following the link at the bottom of your confirmation e-mail.

Screening kits can be picked up from Invest Ottawa at Bayview Yards located at 7 Bayview Station Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 2C5.

If you require accessibility related accommodations to pick up your test kits, please contact us via e-mail at this link.