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Federal Election 2021

Ottawa Business Matters

The Ottawa Board of Trade (OBoT) has joined forces with local chambers and boards of trade in over 155 communities across Ontario to share business-specific policy issues that we feel should be front and centre in the upcoming federal election.

The purpose for this page is twofold:

  1. Inform our business community of the views of various candidates and the four major parties
  2. Inform local candidates of the priorities of our businesses and community

2021 Federal Election Survey Report

In collaboration with Leger and the Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC), a coalition of CEOs from nine of Canada's largest urban Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade, the Ottawa Board of Trade conducted a federal election survey of its members to create a clear picture of what its members want to see from Canada's next government.

This report provides the key findings from a survey of 400 residents in Ottawa (not Gatineau) and 1,349 members of Ottawa’s business community, conducted between August 19 and August 30 2021, using Leger’s online panel for the general population data and an open link sent to the board for the business data.

Read the Ottawa Business Matters - 2021 Federal Election Survey Report (PDF)

Ontario Business Matters

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) and the Ontario Chamber Network have mobilized to bring forward recommendations to political leaders through their Ontario Business Matters campaign. Consider the following:

  • Ontario is home to almost 50% of all employees in high tech, financial services, and other knowledge-intensive industries.
  • Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and have been hardest hit by the pandemic. Roughly 40% of Canada’s small businesses are concentrated in Ontario.
  • Ontario is the number one trading partner with 19 U.S. states and the second largest trading partner with 9 others, generating $390 billion in two-way trade in 2018.

View all recommendations for Ontario Business Matters (PDF)

Canada Business Matters

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is Canada’s largest business association, representing 450 local chambers of commerce and boards of trade. It accounts for more than 200,000 member businesses from every Main Street in the country.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has unveiled recommendations that reflect the economic realities of Canada’s job creators and growth generators.

While the Canadian Chamber of Commerce will remain strictly non-partisan throughout the election, it is encouraging Canadians to decide which party offers a plan that will:

  • Finish the fight against COVID
  • Get the fundamentals right
  • Create 21st century opportunities

View all recommendations for What It Takes to Grow: Priorities for Canada’s Next Parliament