Committees, Councils and Task Forces

The Ottawa Board of Trade advocates for its members’ interests within the City of Ottawa. All Board of Trade members are encouraged to take a participatory role in the development of the Board of Trade’s policies by attending events and joining our committees. As members of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, we seek to promote our members’ views through both organizations. We have established the following committees, councils and task forces to help the staff and Board perform their duties in an effective manner.

All committees, councils and task forces report to the Board and have specific mandates. In most cases, they are responsible for developing considered policies within their areas of expertise that, once approved, are used to guide the Board of Trade staff on its actions.

Committees, councils and task forces are chaired by volunteers who are actively supporting the work of both the Board of Trade and businesses in our community.

Capital Build Task Force

Mandate: To function as the (1) leader and catalyst for plans, strategies, programs and services that promote a favorable business climate, (2) and improve the quality of life, and support the orderly growth, development and revitalization of the Nation’s Capital – on both sides of the Ottawa River.

Economic Growth Committee

Mandate: To ensure that local government is effectively enhancing the global competitiveness, economic growth and prosperity of the Ottawa region. To consider municipal issues that relate to the business community including budgets and bylaw changes.

Environment & Sustainability Committee

Mandate: To focus on policy issues of sustainability for the community and the City of Ottawa, recognizing that any policy and program that will be put forth to the City must also contemplate the provincial and federal policies and initiatives that will interact with it.

Membership & Engagement Committee

Mandate: To continually assess the demographics of the Board of Trade’s membership, to formulate strategies that increase the value of the Board of Trade membership and to collectively promote the Board of Trade within Ottawa and internationally.

Ambassador Corps

Mandate: Work to integrate new members into the Board of Trade, helping them to better understand our Value Proposition, facilitate introductions to fellow members and help them understand the benefits inherent in being involved.